Grant Robinson santiago at
Mon Jan 12 10:34:44 MST 2009

On Jan 10, 2009, at 12:49 PM, Barry Roberts wrote:

> With Apple's recent announcement of dropping DRM, I'm interested in  
> buying some music from iTunes.  Does anybody else (without a Windows  
> or Mac box in the house) have a good way to use iTunes on Linux?
> I do have one legal XP running in VirtualBox, but I hate booting  
> that thing up.  So if anybody knows of a Linux app or how to get  
> iTunes 8 working in Wine, or any other good Linuxy solution, I would  
> like to hear it.

To answer your original question, I don't know about iTunes 8, but  
here is a recent article about how to get things up and running with  
iTunes 7.3.  I haven't tried it, and YMMV.

iTunes 7.3 does support the iTunes Plus (AkA, DRM-free music), so you  
should be able to use it to buy the songs.

You should also note that only 80% of the store is DRM free at the  
given time.  It will be 100% by April.


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