Levi Pearson levi at
Sun Jan 11 22:35:08 MST 2009

Michael Torrie <torriem at> writes:

> Barry Roberts wrote:
>> With Apple's recent announcement of dropping DRM, I'm interested in 
>> buying some music from iTunes.  Does anybody else (without a Windows or 
>> Mac box in the house) have a good way to use iTunes on Linux?
> Why?

The iTunes store has a good selection and it's a convenient interface to
browse and buy it.

> If I am only interested in music, then no question, iTunes Store is
> simply the wrong place to buy from, even without DRM.  Buying from a
> place that sells mp3s seems like a much better way to go.  There are now
> actually several places to buy from that have as good or better prices
> than iTune Store and have a selection that rivals iTunes Store quite nicely.

This argument would make some sense if the DRM was an issue, but AAC is
just a better mp3.  At high bitrates the difference isn't too great, but
they're both MPEG standard audio formats, and support for them is
widespread.  AAC is technically better, and it's supported by a wide
range of hardware and software player, so why stick with mp3?

> In short, iTunes is a dead end, even without DRM.

So, the top music retailer in the US, which now uses a high-bitrate,
non-DRM, standard and widely supported audio format is a dead end?  I
think you're maybe a bit off on that call.


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