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Sun Jan 11 10:37:28 MST 2009

   Michael Torrie wrote:

Michael Torrie wrote:

Barry Roberts wrote:

Michael Torrie wrote:

I've yet to see something that I wanted that wasn't at Amazon or

/me sighs.

I guess I'll just have to keep a list of songs I want that are NOT on and when the list gets long enough I'll pay for a month of or

Umm, Rhapsody sells mp3s for $.99 a song... No subscription needed.  The
subscription is only if you want stream on demand.  You do need to
create an account to use rhapsody (just as you do with amazon or
itunes), which is free.  Then you're allowed to stream 15 songs a month
(for free), or buy mp3s as you will.  Seems like what you want, isn't it?

I guess the only question is, does rhapsody require a special program to
download the mp3s and albums.  This I don't know. It might be like
amazon where you can download individual mp3s directly, or use the
program for albums.  The downloader is currently windows only, sadly.

   Well, they hide it very well (I bought a song just to make sure), but
   it turns out you can just buy mp3's without a monthly subscription.
   No special download software required.  I got a zip file with my
   nicely tagged .mp3 file, an album art jpg, and an order summary text
   I haven't tried to get around it yet, but now at least
   defaults to, if not requires a download program.   I had to symlink
   libssl and libcrypto to get the fedora 8 version working on fedora 9
   and 10, but it does work.
   So, I guess it's and for now.
   Thanks all!

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