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Michael Torrie wrote:
> What about the "buy the LP" method?  If you want sound quality, then LPs
> are frankly the only way to go.  Music that goes onto CDs is so highly
> compressed these days (mixed too loud with practically no dynamic range
> left) that you really don't get much of the benefit of the 20bits.  It's
> very sad and unfortunate.  Hence the difference between a 256 kbit/s mp3
> from Amazon and the CD would be practically nothing, in terms of
> fidelity of most of todays recordings.

I was of the LP fan variety for years, until I came across a sad truth.
While the imaging and tonal quality might be there (usually, it's
mastered with the same quality as a CD), the hiss from the needle
scratching the record can never be eliminated. I've heard some top
quality LP systems at CES in Alexis Park, and yet I could always detect
the hiss. That just ruins the experience for me.

Further, unless you're listening to HDCD, CDs are either recorded at
12-bit or 16-bit. If you want to hear 20-bit, you need an HDCD decoder
on your player, and most players don't ship with it. If not shipped,
then you're probably getting 16-bits delivered.

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