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Sat Jan 10 23:38:26 MST 2009

Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
> You'll have to give us to examples for me to believe that. Every time I
> have glanced at CDs in the store over the past several years, they are
> still priced in the $13-$16 range and I don't think I have paid more
> than $11.99 (usually $9.99) for albums through iTunes.

Used CDs at Grey Whale. First, you're telling the RIAA to shove it,
which always makes me happy (which you're not doing with iTunes).
Second, you supporting local business. Lastly, you have the freedom of
encoding as you please, and not limited to the patent encumbered MP3.
Only downside? Selection is top notch, but at least the albums are
cheaper than iTunes in most cases. I usually spend $5-10, depending on
the album.

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