Michael Torrie torriem at
Sat Jan 10 18:00:35 MST 2009

Barry Roberts wrote:
> Michael Torrie wrote:
>> If I am only interested in music, then no question, iTunes Store is
>> simply the wrong place to buy from, even without DRM.  Buying from a
>> place that sells mp3s seems like a much better way to go.  There are now
>> actually several places to buy from that have as good or better prices
>> than iTune Store and have a selection that rivals iTunes Store quite nicely.
> Ok, I'll bite, who rivals the iTunes Store's selection?  I've tried 
>, and it's OK, but not great.

I've yet to see something that I wanted that wasn't at Amazon or
Rhapsody.  Just the other day I was reading a foreign newspaper about a
new artist in Tel Aviv.  Looked on Rhapsody and sure enough they had her
CD.  Same with Amazon.  I was very impressed.

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