Barry Roberts blr at
Sat Jan 10 16:50:46 MST 2009

Brandon Stout wrote:
> Maybe I'm old fashioned this way, but since mp3s and ogg's don't have CD
> quality sound, I prefer buying the CD, then ripping to FLAC and using
> any player that supports FLAC decoding on any platform... or... just put
> the CD in the drive and play it.  When I looked at itunes purchases, I
> found that buying the CD was much less than buying every song on a cd in
> itunes format, so from my experience it's higher quality for less if you
> go with my antique 'buy the CD' method.
I have exactly one audio system that is high quality enough that I would 
even care about the difference between lossy compression and CD 
quality.  I do rip CDs to lossless formats on that, but I rarely listen 
to music there any more.

Anything portable (cars, phones, mp3 players, etc.)  for me and ambient 
noise almost always FAR outweighs any compression loss.  So I've decided 
I don't really care any more whether I get pure CD quality audiou unless 
I'm in front of my Myth box, and then I'm usually watching, not just 


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