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On 10 Jan 2009, at 16:41, Brandon Stout wrote:

> Maybe I'm old fashioned this way, but since mp3s and ogg's don't  
> have CD
> quality sound, I prefer buying the CD, then ripping to FLAC and using
> any player that supports FLAC decoding on any platform... or... just  
> put
> the CD in the drive and play it.  When I looked at itunes purchases, I
> found that buying the CD was much less than buying every song on a  
> cd in
> itunes format, so from my experience it's higher quality for less if  
> you
> go with my antique 'buy the CD' method.

You'll have to give us to examples for me to believe that. Every time  
I have glanced at CDs in the store over the past several years, they  
are still priced in the $13-$16 range and I don't think I have paid  
more than $11.99 (usually $9.99) for albums through iTunes.

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