January PLUG Meeting: Parrot

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 14:45:33 MST 2009

Stuart Jansen wrote:
> Another potential benefit is better cross pollination of libraries and
> frameworks. Imagine Ruby programmers having access to all of CPAN, Perl
> mongers writing Django apps, Pythonistas interfacing with legacy TCL
> code, TCL programmers scripting Scheme apps, Schemers... ignoring
> Parrot, wandering around their own little universe grumbling about how
> no one uses decent languages anymore.

My friend who uses dot net tells me that dot net does just that for C#,
Java (IKVM), Python (IronPython), Ruby (IronRuby), Boo, some language
that pretends to be almost C++, etc.  :)

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