anyone familiar w/sun hardware, and sun OpenBoot?

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Wed Jan 7 18:33:17 MST 2009

I'm working on a sun v880, and having trouble getting the console to behave as 
I'd like.
When I boot into diagnostic mode (which takes 15min!), it first starts out 
using the serial port, then switches to the local terminal (pci ati vga + usb 
If I boot normally, it first starts out using the serial port, then redirects 
control somewhere inaccessible, and I can't do anything with it.
If I take out the vga card and keyboard, it does the same thing--starts out 
using serial, then redirects control to somewhere inaccessible.
(I've removed the RSC card, and doing so didn't change this behavior).
At this point, I'm questioning the intelligence of the sun engineers. This is 
just maddening.
I've read through the owners guide and the service manual, and not found any 
solution yet (but tried many). Google hasn't helped either.

It seems the only way I can maintain control is to boot into diagnostic mode, 
and then use the local console after it switches.

What I need, is for the console to stay on the serial port, and to work when 
booting normally as well as to diagnostic mode. (I need to be able to boot 
this machine w/o the vga card.)

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