acl sticky bit

Kyle Waters unum at
Wed Jan 7 12:37:56 MST 2009

I have a web application that I want to restrict access to on the 
server.  There are a couple of devs that need to have write access and 
we have an already established group for that.  So all the files belong 
to that group and the stick bit is set.  I removed all access to the 
files by world and then set an acl to allow apache to read the file.  
The problem is that a lot of text editors copy the old file as a back up 
and then write out the file as new when they save.  That means I lose 
all of my acls since the stick bit doesn't apply.  I know I can add 
apache to the group, but that weakens security.  Is there a better 
solution that I'm not aware of(besides switching text editors)?


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