Git Presentation?

Hans Fugal hans at
Thu Jan 1 10:22:59 MST 2009

Dave Smith wrote:
> Mike Lovell wrote:
>> I am definitely interested. I have been looking at hg and git for the
>> past little bit and would definitely like to learn more about git. (I
>> have mainly been focusing on hg). Besides, maybe this will give me an
>> excuse to come to a PLUG meeting. :)
> Some co-workers of mine have been using git, and others have been using
> hg. I've been playing with hg for my current project. What I'd like to
> see is a shoot out between git and hg, as those two seem to be the big
> players in the DSCM arena right now.

I've been using both. I settled on hg first, while git was still stupid.
Lately I've been using git more and more. I think hg has some definite
advantages over git, generally, but git has a few advantages of its own
and most of the stupidity is history now. Plus git has a lot more
momentum. At this point I think git will win in the long run, and I'm no
longer saddened by that since git has made some great strides in
usability (though it's not yet perfect).

Hans Fugal ;

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