One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) developer program

Clint Savage herlo1 at
Fri Feb 27 10:30:30 MST 2009

Hi all,

The Utah Open Source Foundation has been working with the Fedora
Ambassadors and the XO/OLPC folks to promote a new project.  Due to
some recent changes in their structure, they're looking for more
developers and packagers for this project.

If you are a python developer, interested in helping children learn on
a cool bit of hardware that is very hard to break, have time to code
between now and August and are willing to commit to working on the xo
project for 1 year, the Fedora Project will provide you with a free XO
laptop to keep.

This project is fourth grade math curriculum for the XO/OLPC.  The
idea being that once the major bits of this curriculum are developed,
creating other versions will be much simpler.  The

The only requirement is that you give monthly updates on your progress
to the Fedora Ambassadors.  It should also be obvious that you will be
working with others to get requirements completed and development in
for testing and released to packagers.

If you are interested, I can provide you a laptop within 1-2 weeks as
well as help you get a developers key and get started right away.  For
more information visit these links: <-- Contact info for Sugar Labs folks <-- info about development <-- info about the
modules being developed <-- a new list for
those developers joining up to help

The point of this email is to interest you folks who would love to
develop something useful in the world.  To change the way kids learn
and grow and show the way open source software can provide this
change.  If you are seriously interested in participating in this
project and have a few hours a week to give to it, please contact me
off list.



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