mysql load, help with ideas related to local cache

Mike Lovell mike at
Tue Feb 24 18:04:32 MST 2009

Matt Nelson wrote:
> I have a web page that runs under PHP.  I query a mysql database every 5-10
> seconds, with each meta refresh.  This was fine and worked decent, until
> other people started using it.  Now the connections have grown to a number
> that they need to be handled better.  I was thinking of creating a daemon
> that runs every 5 seconds and then populates a flat file that apache/php
> would read with every refresh thus limiting the load to one connection every
> 5 seconds.
> Does anybody have any better ideas?
Just out of curiosity, is the problem just the number of connections to 
the database? If that is what the problem is, are you using 
mysql_connect() or mysql_pconnect()? The pconnect method creates a pool 
of database connections and reuses that pool. It requires using php as a 
module in apache. It might require a bit of tweaking to use properly but 
might be useful.

Other than that, I would say try memcache. Or writing your own caching 
layer if you are particularly masochistic. (I'll keep comments about php 
being masochistic to myself).

There are a few thoughts about what you can do.


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