Mike Lovell mike at dev-zero.net
Sun Feb 22 01:04:40 MST 2009

Michael Torrie wrote:
> Russel Caldwell wrote:
>> I've probably spent more time on this than I should have. Maybe somebody can
>> help me out. I'm trying to set up an external drive in fstab on an Ubuntu
>> 8.04 machine so that I can mount it explicitly rather than on boot. The line
>> in fstab is:
> The problem with what you're trying to do is that it is very prone to
> break if you happen to have some other usb drive plugged in before your
> disk.  IE you're not always guaranteed to be /dev/sdc1 or whatever.
> Could be sdd, sde, f or g or whatever.  The correct way to go about this
> is to go through HAL. 
Or just us the /dev/disk/by-id/*-part1 symlink that was mentioned by 
Bart earlier in the thread. Lot easier and available on every modern 
distro that I know of. Another way is using LABEL=<volume label name> in 
fstab to mount that way. This will work assuming you have put a label on 
the volume and your distro has the magic foo to work that. Again most 
modern distros do. Ahhhh. udev saves the day.


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