Russel Caldwell caldr704 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 21:37:13 MST 2009

> Just a guess...  The USB/auto-mounting magic is mounting it regardless
> of fstab.  For example, when you insert a USB thumb drive, it
> auto-mounts even though it is not in fstab.
> Does it auto-mount during boot, or after logging in to the window
> manager?  My experience is that a USB drive will not be mounted during
> boot (unless fstab instructs it to be mounted), but when you log in to
> the window manager it will be detected and auto-mounted.

You are probably right. How do I tell and what do I do about it?

> Also, in fstab you probably don't want to use /dev/sdc1, because that
> could get assigned to a different device depending on what other USB
> devices might be plugged in.  Safer to use the /dev/disk/by-id/*-part1
> symlink.

Thanks. I'll try that.

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