New Server Hardware Recommendations?

Kyle Waters unum at
Fri Feb 20 11:30:27 MST 2009

Kimball Larsen wrote:
>> if (($7.40 < $20)
>>    && (isp == RELIABLE)
This is why I had to move to linode.  We are working on getting UTOPIA 
ran into our condo building but right now it is comcast/dsl only.  With 
comcast I was losing my connection at least once a month.  Sometimes for 
more than a day.  Which just wasn't acceptable.  My favorite was when a 
contractor unplugged me and then came by and accused me of stealing it.  
Apparently comcast forgot to give them the business customer list.  Took 
three days to get a comcast tech to come out and plug me back in.


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