New Server Hardware Recommendations?

Kimball Larsen kimball at
Thu Feb 19 16:33:51 MST 2009

I do similar stuff with my home server, thus I am averse to a hosted  

-- Kimball 

On Feb 19, 2009, at 11:41 AM, Shane Hathaway wrote:

> Nicholas Leippe wrote:
>> Not if it's a *personal* server for his home lan... his local 100Mb/ 
>> GigE is going to outperform anything crossing his DSL/cable  
>> connection hands down.
> Right.  I have both, a home server and an externally hosted virtual  
> server.  The external server is better for hosting web sites, while  
> the home server is better for unusual stuff like:
> - Participating in 30+ mailing lists (procmail helps a lot)
> - Running buildbot (on multiple virtual server configurations)
> - Hosting a VPN
> - Running Windows inside a VirtualBox VM, inside a TightVNC server,  
> for business accounting software.  The Linux choices don't handle  
> taxes. The VNC service is accessible anywhere on the VPN and quite  
> responsive when you use "-encoding tight -bgr233".
> - Providing a gateway to my home network so I can fix stuff remotely  
> for my family.
> - Storing a photo archive of 50+ gigabytes and growing.
> - Miscellaneous experiments involving potentially crash-prone or  
> bloated software.
> Of course all this stuff creates the need for a good home backup  
> strategy.  I have 2 large USB drives and I use rdiff-backup to  
> update the backup.  At all times, at least one of the two drives is  
> in cold storage offsite and I rotate them every few weeks.
> Shane
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