[OT] Stupid, evil DRM

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Thu Feb 19 14:35:49 MST 2009

Shane Hathaway <shane at hathawaymix.org> writes:

> Barry Roberts wrote:
>> I'm reasonably sure HDCP is the reason I can't just plug HDMI into
>> my receiver and have it play the audio.  It couldn't then pass it
>> along.  Same for the TV.  My PS3 can put a nice 7.1 audio signal out
>> on its HDMI, but my TV only gives me stereo out.  So I have several
>> devices with HDMI, and every single one has audio cables right
>> beside it.  It's retarded.  False advertising, IMO.
> Hey, I like that.  Next time someone asks what's wrong with DRM, I'll
> say that DRM is a subtle form of false advertising.  It's hard for a
> lot of people to grasp DRM, but they understand false advertising and
> all its subtleties quite well.

I'm not sure why the TV would only have stereo output, but I'm sure it
has nothing to do with HDCP.  I imagine the designers for the signal
path in that TV decided that if someone brought HDMI audio up to the TV,
it was because they wanted the TV to play it, and immediately downsample
it for use in the internal stereo speakers.


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