[OT] Stupid, evil DRM

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Thu Feb 19 14:20:32 MST 2009

Barry Roberts wrote:
> I'm reasonably sure HDCP is the reason I can't just plug HDMI into my 
> receiver and have it play the audio.  It couldn't then pass it along.  
> Same for the TV.  My PS3 can put a nice 7.1 audio signal out on its 
> HDMI, but my TV only gives me stereo out.  So I have several devices 
> with HDMI, and every single one has audio cables right beside it.  It's 
> retarded.  False advertising, IMO.

Hey, I like that.  Next time someone asks what's wrong with DRM, I'll 
say that DRM is a subtle form of false advertising.  It's hard for a lot 
of people to grasp DRM, but they understand false advertising and all 
its subtleties quite well.


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