[OT] Stupid, evil DRM

Barry Roberts blr at robertsr.us
Thu Feb 19 14:13:49 MST 2009

Daniel C. wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 1:56 PM, Barry Roberts <blr at robertsr.us> wrote:
>> My question is, does ANYBODY use HDMI for that?  My receiver has 2 HDMI
>> inputs.  But if you want to hear the audio with that, you have to use coax
>> or optical as well.  All it does is switch the HDMI output.  Nothing
>> (receivers, TV's, etc.) that I've found can use an HDMI audio signal and
>> pass it along.  My TV will pass along a stereo version of the audio out from
>> the HDMI inputs to its coax output.  That's really handy.
> Clearly I am uneducated because I don't see what DRM has to do with this.
I'm reasonably sure HDCP is the reason I can't just plug HDMI into my 
receiver and have it play the audio.  It couldn't then pass it along.  
Same for the TV.  My PS3 can put a nice 7.1 audio signal out on its 
HDMI, but my TV only gives me stereo out.  So I have several devices 
with HDMI, and every single one has audio cables right beside it.  It's 
retarded.  False advertising, IMO.


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