New Server Hardware Recommendations?

Stuart Jansen sjansen at
Thu Feb 19 11:21:28 MST 2009

On Thu, 2009-02-19 at 11:11 -0700, Nicholas Leippe wrote:
> On Thu Feb 19 2009 10:52:06 Andrew McNabb wrote:
> > If you want control and cost, go with Linode and Slicehost, like Stuart
> > recommended.  For $20 or so a month, you get your own virtual machine
> > that you can modify to your heart's content.  
> You mean less control and more cost, right? Having the box physically present 
> is going to be more control and less cost in the long run than a hosted 
> service.

He means as compared to most cheap VPS alternatives where you don't get
a real root login.

> > Plus it will have a faster and more reliable network connection than
> > a server at home would.
> Not if it's a *personal* server for his home lan... his local 100Mb/GigE is 
> going to outperform anything crossing his DSL/cable connection hands down.

If you're building a media server, of course having a local box makes
more sense. If you want e-mail, Web, Jabber, etc. then Linode is the
better option if you ask me. If you want backups...

When you tell me I should give proprietary software a fair technical
evaluation because its features are so nice, what you are actually doing
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