New Server Hardware Recommendations?

Levi Pearson levi at
Thu Feb 19 01:00:10 MST 2009

"Doran L. Barton" <fozz at> writes:

> On Wednesday 18 February 2009 17:40:40 Kimball Larsen wrote:
>> I prefer to make this thing be as small as possible (think media
>> center pc sized), but have space for a typical ATX case if need be.
> I was browsing at NewEgg the other day and came across this: 
> I like this because it's small, has two NICs, take a broad range of processors 
> from Opterons to Athlon64 X2s and Phenoms, and it has a lower-end but nice 
> NVidia graphics chipset (could be a decent Myth frontend). One drawback, 
> however is that it only supports up to 2GiB of RAM. That seems a little low.

I was just looking at that as a Myth frontend, too.  The NVidia chipset
should support the new VDPAU interface to the hardware video codecs,
which should allow smooth MPEG2 and H.264 decoding with minimal CPU
usage.  Support for that is still beta in the NVidia driver and MythTV,
but some people have got it working well.

The downsides for that box:
  No HDMI port, so you won't get video+audio on the same cable, though
  it comes with a DVI/HDMI adapter for video.

  Low RAM capacity.

  Unknown how loud it is.

  Seems to have a bit of a price premium for the small form factor.

Anyway, it may fit your needs well, but I'm going to wait a bit for the
ultimate cheap HD Myth frontend.


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