New Server Hardware Recommendations?

Levi Pearson levi at
Wed Feb 18 22:09:00 MST 2009

Charles Curley <charlescurley at> writes:
>, get the 1.0 version. 5 watts max, vs 45
> for what Michael specified. Runs cool, about 20 degrees F over
> ambient. Utterly quiet: no fans, and I can't hear the hard drive even
> when it spins down or up. $195 + shipping.
> Doesn't have quite the hard drive space you called out, but do you
> really need that much? I use one for a firewall, another for other
> network services. The network services box does amanda backups to one
> external drive, then I swap two more out for off-site storage.
> The only reason I use two fit-pcs is paranoia: if bad guys get past
> the firewall, they've still got to crack the other machines on the net
> to do any useful damage to me.

For a similar price, but way more horsepower, you can get an MSI Wind
PC, powered by the Intel Atom and Intel GMA 950 graphics:

It's probably on par, speed-wise, with an old PC, but would be much
quieter and have a lower power draw, though it'd be bigger and more
power-hungry than the itsy fit-pc.


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