New Server Hardware Recommendations?

Kimball Larsen kimball at
Wed Feb 18 17:40:40 MST 2009

So, my elderly (4+ years old) home server is banging on death's door,  
so I need to figger out what to use to replace it.

It's been a while (uhm, 4+ years) since I've had the pleasure of  
trying to build out my own linux box rather than buying something pre- 
configured for windows and just slapping linux on it.  So, I've got  
some questions:

What processor family will offer the best bang for the buck?  Should I  
go with an AMD or an Intel?  What are the advantages of Phenom vs  
Athalon vs Opteron?  Do various flavors of linux like one processor  
family more than another?

How's about motherboards?  I assume that after I pick a CPU, I should  
mate it with a well-supported motherboard.  Any that you can recommend  
as having solid linux support for all their doo-dads?

I prefer to make this thing be as small as possible (think media  
center pc sized), but have space for a typical ATX case if need be.


- Kimball

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