Wget not doing what I expect.

Joseph Hall joseph at thatworks.com
Sun Feb 15 10:45:48 MST 2009

On Sun, Feb 15, 2009 at 9:19 AM, Joshua Lutes <joshua at lutes.me> wrote:
> I am trying to download all of the mp3 files from the general
> conference sessions that the church has on its website.  I think the
> following command should do it, but it doesn't.
> wget -r -l1 -A.mp3 -nd
> http://lds.org/conference/sessions/display/0,5239,23-1-947,00.html
> So, recurse down one level, only save files that are .mp3, don't copy
> the directory structure and start at the most recent general
> conference page.  What do I not know that is causing the following
> output to come?

My guess: You told wget only to save .mp3 files, and
0,5239,23-1-947,00.html isn't an .mp3 file.

I couldn't get wget to handle it by itself either, but this will do
what you want:

elinks -dump http://lds.org/conference/sessions/display/0,5239,23-1-947,00.html
| grep mp3 | sed 's/.*http/http/' | wget -i -

Yes, that is a hyphen by itself right after the -i, don't forget it or
you'll be sad.


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