need a hosted file server solution

Merrill Oveson moveson at
Thu Feb 5 16:16:46 MST 2009

Fellow Pluggers:

I've got a client that could use some sort of hosted file server solution.

They've got 5 to 6 PCs at most - all windows XP.

They're really too small for a full on linux/Samba solution.
I only go by at most once a week, and they're not in a position to do any
day to day admin.

Besides the cost, where to store, etc, etc.

The other solution is peer to peer - which I set up for them, but now files
are scattered across multiple machines, issue of which machines to back up,
Peer to peer is painful, in my opinion.

Enough said.

What I'd like is a hosted filer server solution, say via the internet?
This solution would allow users to map network drives, and have access based
on passwords.
Payment would be subscription based.

I'd be happy with a very simple u for user directory and s for shared
directory, etc.

This hosted solution would have the benefits, i.e. guaranteed up time
(redundant drives), promises of backing up the data on behalf of client
(maybe even burn weekly DVD and mail it), etc

Anybody out there know of a solution like this?

Could elephant drive do this?

I really think this is the wave of the future, at least for small business.
I mean you have web hosting, why not file server hosting?

Let me know.


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