Website Update

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Wed Feb 4 13:50:08 MST 2009


I was looking up some information for a business in another state that took
interest in PLUG. While doing so I noticed that we have nearly 200 people who
have registered accounts on the web site. That isn't inflated too much, you
only get counted if you log in at least once.

With 440 people on the mailing list, that makes for one very active group. I
would have thought those political threads would have killed off half the
list, but it keeps growing. ;-)

We are getting a lot of compliments about our company list as well. It is
turning out to be one of the most useful methods for non-geeks to interface
with our LUG. If you don't see your company, 10 minutes of your time to add it
would be very much appreciated.

Congratulations everyone. This is a member driven organization, and your
effort has created a very important Linux organization in our community. Give
yourself a pat on the back.


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