Tricky Cat-5 Wiring

Dave Smith dave at
Wed Dec 23 10:57:40 MST 2009

Mike Lovell wrote:
> i'm gonna change direction here for a moment. it sounds like you are 
> wanting to do this cause there is a lot of interference from other 
> networks and you are trying to solve it with going wired. are all of the 
> wifi networks around running in the 2.4Ghz range (802.11b/g/some n)? if 
> so, have you considered changing over to a 5ghz network (802.11a/the 
> rest of n)? i had a similar problem at my place which is a 3 story 
> townhome with lots of neighbors cluttering up the 2.4ghz bands. but all 
> of them went the cheap route and got routers that only work in that 
> range. my laptop already had a 802.11a radio and i wasn't seeing any 
> networks in that range. i found a 5ghz access point on newegg for ~$70 
> and my wireless is rock solid now. with some of the work it might take 
> to get wires to where you want to go, it might be cheaper and definitely 
> a lot easier to just use some Wi-Fi in a different frequency band.
> good luck either way.

Interesting suggestion. I did not know that 802.11n could operate in the 
5GHz band. That may be just the thing for me and my frequency-crowded 


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