Tricky Cat-5 Wiring

Mike Lovell mike at
Wed Dec 23 09:15:37 MST 2009

Dave Smith wrote:
> I know this is somewhat off topic, but then again, what isn't on Plug?
> I live in a 3-story house with all three floors finished. The house is  
> about 5 years old. Some of the rooms have cat-5 wiring, but others  
> don't. One such room is the office on the middle story, where I want  
> to run some cat-5 (there are so many Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity  
> that my bandwidth stinks). I have cat-5 in the attic, which originated  
> in the basement, that runs to other rooms on the same floor. So my  
> question: Is it possible to run a cable into a room on the middle  
> floor without totally trashing the drywall? I just don't see it, and  
> my Google fu has apparently waned.
i'm gonna change direction here for a moment. it sounds like you are 
wanting to do this cause there is a lot of interference from other 
networks and you are trying to solve it with going wired. are all of the 
wifi networks around running in the 2.4Ghz range (802.11b/g/some n)? if 
so, have you considered changing over to a 5ghz network (802.11a/the 
rest of n)? i had a similar problem at my place which is a 3 story 
townhome with lots of neighbors cluttering up the 2.4ghz bands. but all 
of them went the cheap route and got routers that only work in that 
range. my laptop already had a 802.11a radio and i wasn't seeing any 
networks in that range. i found a 5ghz access point on newegg for ~$70 
and my wireless is rock solid now. with some of the work it might take 
to get wires to where you want to go, it might be cheaper and definitely 
a lot easier to just use some Wi-Fi in a different frequency band.

good luck either way.


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