Lost Java

Jared W. Robinson jared.robinson at comcast.net
Tue Dec 22 07:12:35 MST 2009

Hello Scott,

When I encounter a particularly vexing problem like this, I've
sometimes used 'strace' to hunt down what the program is doing, and fix
it. Make sure to use the '-o' option to save the output to a file -- it
will be large. Then search through it for ENOENT, or for dlopen().

strace may not solve your problem, but it's worth a try. On my Fedora
system, 'firefox' is a shell script, so it wouldn't do me much good to
'strace' it. I'd need to trace the executable that the script launches.

Best wishes,


On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 11:53:24AM -0700, Scott Jones wrote:
> I recently encountered trouble with Java, i.e., Java stopped working
> on my ubuntu 9.10 box, running on amd64. It's worked fine in the past,
> and I can't nail down what changed on my system. I just know that now
> I can't get Java working; it won't load things like Shawn Powers' tech
> tips on linuxjournal.com or any other java content.

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