Lost Java

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Thu Dec 17 19:55:18 MST 2009

Scott Jones wrote:
> I tried what you said, and there's no change. I have used your
> suggestion in the past to fix firefox issues, but what's weird is, I
> went to linuxjournal.com and the tech tip video didn't display, no

The Linux Journal tech tip videos are flash-based.  An easy way to tell 
is by right-clicking the applet; flash applets usually display "About 
Adobe Flash Player" at the bottom of the context menu.  Flash videos do 
not use Java in any way.  I suspect your issue has nothing to do with Java.

My installation is similar to yours.  I have 64 bit Ubuntu 9.10 with 
Firefox and the "flashplugin-installer" package provided by Ubuntu.  If 
you visit the URL "about:plugins" in Firefox, do you see "Shockwave 
Flash 10.0 r42" among the list of plugins?

I have noticed that in Ubuntu 9.10, Flash often dies in the middle of a 
browsing session.  Once it dies, Firefox shows a simple gray box where 
flash applets should be.  The way I fix it is I quit Firefox and reopen 
only the page I wanted to see.  Maybe I'll report it as a bug one of 
these days.

I think Gnash is the best solution to problems like this, though.  Has 
anyone here tried Gnash recently?



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