Lost Java

Scott Jones sanchiro at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 19:18:34 MST 2009

On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 5:13 PM, Shane Hathaway <shane at hathawaymix.org> wrote:
> Scott Jones wrote:
>> I'll try that in a few hours when I am back at that box. If, base on
>> my history and experience with this issue, this solution doesn't work,
>> would purging firefox and then doing a fresh install of firefox
>> possibly help repair this?
> Although it's possible that the Firefox software is corrupt, it's more
> likely that your personal preferences directory is broken somehow.  I
> have solved problems like this in the past by quitting Firefox, moving
> aside my Mozilla preferences directory, and starting Firefox again.
> Move aside the preferences directory like this:
> mv ~/.mozilla ~/mozilla-old
> You might want to export your bookmarks before doing that.


I tried what you said, and there's no change. I have used your
suggestion in the past to fix firefox issues, but what's weird is, I
went to linuxjournal.com and the tech tip video didn't display, no
placeholder or anything, but I clicked on the .ogv file format and
that played just fine. Could this just be a matter of my file
associations, to borrow that term from Windows, may be out of synch or
not including whatever association is needed to let java content play

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