iptables/Firestarter issue

Charles Curley charlescurley at charlescurley.com
Wed Dec 16 12:55:53 MST 2009

I have several virtual machines on a host. The host is on my LAN, and
runs a firewall. I use Firestarter, but don't have to. The VMs are on
their own virtual network. They can get to the outside world with no

The problem I see is this: I want to access a VM from another
(physical) machine on my network, either my laptop (for ssh) or the
backup server (amanda). So I need a way to allow ssh and amanda in from
the LAN to the VMs. The relevant hosts have routing table entries.

If I use Firestarter to shut the firewall off entirely, I have no
problems. If I enable the firewall, I can ping the VMs but not access
them with ssh or amanda; I get silent timeouts.

How do I tell Firestarter to allow the appropriate ports in to the
virtual network? Or, if I can't do so, is there a similar firewall tool
that will let me do this?


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