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Steven Alligood steve at bluehost.com
Tue Dec 15 10:10:20 MST 2009

On 12/15/2009 09:56 AM, Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> Does anyone know if there is a place in SLC/Utah Valley that carries
> server hardware or parts?  I'm looking for a low-profile gigabit
> ethernet PCI-E adapter.  2 ports would be perfect.
> I have a supermicro (2U) server that has on-board NICs, but I can't
> get them working for the life of me :(  I've tried everything, BIOS,
> MB jumpers, mod_probing drivers and blindly flipping any switch that I
> can find.  At this point, I'm willing to pay to make the problem go
> away, but I don't have time to wait on shipping.
> Times like this, I wish I was on the SLLUG list too!
> Thanks,
> Gabe
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OK, give us kernel version, distro, NIC brand and model, etc.

Without those, I would guess that you are having issues with the new 
Intel NICs on the supermicro boards that try to use the e1000e driver 
but actually need the igb driver.


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