cheap raid card recognized by both linux and Windoze xp

Kelly Terry ksterry at
Mon Dec 14 15:25:54 MST 2009

I have a multiboot system that I use both linux and windows xp on.  It  
had an 80 gb drive which was inadequate for recording tv on.  I got  
2-640 gb drives that I want to stripe in a raid 0 and do a clean  
reinstall of both os's.  The only problem is in using the linux  
installer for partition setup and formatting.  The mobo supports raid  
and windows recognizes it as such.  To get the linux partitions set up  
the installer (Mandriva, OpenSuse, Kubuntu) doesn't recognize it as a  
raid set up.  It sees each drive separately and allows me to partition  
and format each one individually but not as a raid.  Does anyone know  
of a cheap raid card that will allow both drives to seen by linux  
installers as a raid and not individually?

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