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Bryan Sant bryan.sant at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 20:57:37 MST 2009

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 4:37 PM, Stuart Jansen <sjansen at buscaluz.org> wrote:
> What double standard? Not everyone takes a totally mercenary approach to
> employment. Size of paycheck is far from the only variable when a person
> decides how long to stay with a company. Enjoying the work, having a
> good relationship with management and coworkers, convenient location,
> convenient hours, gratitude for past recognitions, a set of shell
> scripts to fully automate all responsibilities--all of these can
> contribute to a sense of loyalty.

No, no.  Absolutely.  For the sake of brevity I just simply implied a
"better offer".  Pay is just one factor that an employee may consider
when choosing between two or more employers.  The point is just that
if you're dream job opened up (be it a dream due to pay, or position,
or location, or culture, familiarity, comfort, or any number of
criteria), you'd quickly broom your existing job like you did your 7th
grade girlfriend.  And you'd be 100% justified in doing so.

My point is just to suggest that we're no more or less noble than our
employer.  I'm painting with a broad brush, but so are those critics
of employers.  Not all employers see their employees as "disposable
assets", just the same as not every employee would abandon their post
for a 5% raise from a competitor.  But just to "keep it real", my
employer owes me nothing--NOTHING--more than pay for the work I've
currently done.


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