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Sasha Pachev sasha at asksasha.com
Thu Dec 10 13:45:48 MST 2009

>I am self trained in Free Software and
> Open Source products.

So am I.  I knew nothing about Linux other than that it was some weird
operating system until I was done with my schooling (BYU CS program).

That is the nature of the beast. To succeed you have to be
self-trainable because you will see a new type of challenge on a daily
basis, and you will have to do some on the spot learning to solve it.

If you are struggling with open source products, I think it is a
mistake to attribute the difficulties to the lack of schooling in the
area. Instead, I would look into something deeper, possibly of a
learning habit/psychological nature. How comfortable are you when
thrown into the midst of a new problem and being told to figure it
out? If you are not, then I would focus on developing the confidence
that with the help of man, README/docs, Google, logs, gdb, strace,
pstack, snort/tcpdump/ethreal and other friends you will be able to
figure it out even initially you seem to have hopelessly no clue.

You also need a little bit of "what the heck" quality that permits you
to reason in an unstructured environment full of surprises in such a
way that when you see a surprise you get excited and shout for joy
even if (or maybe especially if) the surprise is something most people
would consider unpleasant such as a coredump, kernel panic, compiler
error, deleted file,  trashed disk, bad RAM, or fried motherboard.

I do agree, though, that people are important and should be nurtured
rather than treated as a disposable asset.

Sasha Pachev
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