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Sasha Pachev sasha at asksasha.com
Tue Dec 8 11:49:35 MST 2009

Some thoughts.

a) A sign of talent is the ability to learn from a poor mentor or no
mentor at all. The opposite is a sign of the lack of talent. Not that
a good mentor could not help even if you have what it takes, but if
you find that in spite of your true honest best efforts you cannot
succeed as an IT professional without a good mentor, perhaps you have
chosen the wrong profession.

b) Learn to learn by osmosis. Ability to teach and ability to program
or sysadmin are orthogonal, or in other words, a good teacher does not
always make a good programmer, and a good programmer does not always
make a good teacher. You can, however, go a long way by working
alongside somebody who knows the ropes. I'd rather be alongside an
exceptional programmer who is a poor teacher than the other way around
because at least there is a live source of wisdom to draw from even if
the interface is poor.

c) The brevity of the requirement was beautiful. If you do not see the
beauty, you should probably not apply for the job.

d) In the job market today the employer can have all sorts of
requirements. Consider it a blessing to have a job.


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