looking for a sys admin

Dave Smith dave at thesmithfam.org
Mon Dec 7 14:42:13 MST 2009

Stuart Jansen wrote:
> Personally, I have no problem with Mr Nelson's comment.

Neither do I. Just carry a notebook everywhere and write stuff down. If 
something doesn't sink in immediately, ask them to clarify. If they use 
a word you don't recognize, ask them to pause and define it.

I imagine the OP was trying to ward off the types of people who don't 
understand what you are saying, but nod in agreement anyway. Then they 
go off and do the wrong thing or ask you about it again a week later. 
That's just wasteful.

In short, maybe he's not looking for someone who already knows it all, 
but he's definitely looking for someone who learns effectively, which 
grades tell you very little about. I've known a lot of very smart people 
who, when I instruct them in something, they are eager to agree and move 
on, but don't actually hear anything I said. I do my part by stopping 
regularly and asking (non-offensive) follow-up questions.


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