Can mySQL and MSSQL coexist on the same server peacefully?

Shane Hathaway shane at
Fri Dec 4 20:40:53 MST 2009

Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> No really, it's marvelous.  Think about it...  you get all the
> benefits of a truly enterprise DB (MSSQL) and world-class webserver
> (IIS) without having to leave Linux.  And thanks to the Wine project,
> it Just Works.
> The best part is that doing a simple "apt-get install wine" is much
> easier then installing Windows and keeping it updated.  Well, since
> we're using Fedora[1] for our production servers, it's more like "yum
> install wine", but you get the picture.

Ok, but I thought the main reason people want an enterprise database is 
to get commercial support.  There's no way Microsoft is going to support 
a Wine-based installation.  I'm guessing you're supporting some existing 
application that only runs on MSSQL.  For all new development, surely 
you'd want a database designed for Unix.


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