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Wed Aug 12 14:04:52 MDT 2009

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Joseph Hall wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 1:42 PM, Matt Nelson<matt at> wrote:
>> Anyone had any good experience with a week crash-course to prep for
and take
>> at the end the RedHat Certified Engineer cert test?
> When you say "crash course", what level of experience are you talking
> about starting from? Guru Labs (in Bountiful) has some excellent Linux
> classes that, if you apply yourself, will prepare you well for the
> RHCE (way better than Red Hat's own classes, I might note). And each
> of their classes is a week long. But depending on your skill level,
> you may need more than one of them.
> Plus, if you're lucky, you might get Stuart as your instructor. And
> it's not that I would ever condone throwing things at him in class
> (that would be "wrong"), but who on PLUG hasn't wanted to do that?

I also recommend Guru Labs classes over RH classes.  You'll learn
more.  If you're after the cert, I might add that I don't think it
does a bit of good when searching for work.  I have the RHCE and it
didn't help get a job at all.  They look for experience, not certs.
The GL class will give you the knowledge you need.  I wouldn't bother
with the cert.

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