Arrivaltel DIDs for Asterisk, utah county phone number wanted

Richard Esplin richard at
Wed Apr 29 09:16:32 MDT 2009

Ekiga recomends Diamondcard, so I've used them for the past two months:

It is functional and affordable, but I go through a lot of hops to their 
server and I think it's affecting call quality.

I have tested flowroute's service:

I reach their servers with far fewer hops, and they look even more affordable 
than Diamondcard. They don't provide end-user niceties like voicemail that 
Diamondcard gives (but I don't think that concerns you). However, the day I 
did my testing (last month) appears to be "the only day ever" when they had a 
serious outage. I think I'll try them again when my Diamondcard account is 

Both can provide Utah County numbers.


On Tuesday 28 April 2009 19:48:31 Michael L Torrie <torriem at> wrote:
> I tried to get on the utah asterisk users group lists without any luck,
> so I thought I'd ask here if any of you have bought DID phone numbers
> for your asterisk systems from arrivaltel.  They claim to have number
> available all over the country, but there doesn't seem to be a way to
> pick a locale in their order process.  For those that bought, how did
> you choose the locale for the number?  Is the $1.95 per month or what?
> The web site is not clear.  I have e-mailed them and we'll see what they
> say.
> If not from arrivaltel, are there any reasonably cheap sources of phone
> numbers for utah county for asterisk purposes?

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