VPS Host Recommendations?

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at bluesunhosting.com
Tue Apr 28 18:45:36 MDT 2009

On 28 Apr 2009, at 16:49, Kimball Larsen wrote:

> Well, specifically, I'm trying to find a happy place for a Magento  
> install.
Ah yes, Magento.  Great application that requires a highly tuned and  
modified install in order to run at any kind of decent speed.  If the  
speed thing was not such an amazing issue the application would  
probably be THE shopping cart right now.  They still have a lot of  
things to work out though.  In my opinion, it should not even be out  
of beta yet.  However, there are hosting providers who have gone  
through the trouble to optimize for the application.  I am glad you  
found one.  Best of luck to you with that.


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