Bulletproof router

Mike Lovell mike at dev-zero.net
Mon Apr 27 09:43:43 MDT 2009

Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) wrote:
>> Linksys WRT54GL with your choice of third party firmware. This 
>> has been brought up many times and that seems to be generally 
>> accepted as a solid solution on the cheap. I have had mine 
>> since May 2005 (granted it was just the WRT54G then but same 
>> device) and has been a champ ever since. 
>> I've got other ones that family members use that have been 
>> working for almost as long.
> Maybe the answer to this is self-evident but would my device be
> 'workable' or 'upgradeable' or do I need to find a wrt device that isn't
> locked, and with which I can work? 
> Scott
According to http://oldwiki.openwrt.org/Hardware(2f)Linksys.html , the 
wrtp45g is still a work in progress. From the docs there, it uses an TI 
AR7 processor instead of a Broadcom commonly found in consumer routers. 
So I don't know how easily or usable putting openwrt on it would be. 
Other third party firmwares might work but my experience is almost 
exclusively with openwrt.

Also, if you need to get a new phone adapter for Vonage, you can just go 
buy one of the linksys adapters for vonage from best buy and then call 
vonage and have them change the device on your account. My parents had 
to do that after my mom plugged their ATA into a 240 plug in the UK 
without checking to see if the power supply can take 240 or using a 
power converter instead of a plug adapter. It was actually kind of 
hilarious. :)

Hopefully that is of some help.


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