Suggestion to replace a VOIP router

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Fri Apr 24 16:50:43 MDT 2009

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Subject: Router upgrade??
How about a suggestion UP to replace my WRTP54G?

I recommend taking a further step away from Vonage and set up your own
private PBX.  My favorite flavor of Asterisk-based VoIP PBX is PBXinaFlash.

Great user forums (I post questions and answers there regularly).  I've
ported numbers from Vonage, Qwest, and other carriers and set up a business
system at the office (about 15 extensions) and a pretty involved home system
(about 12 extensions).  Ring groups (including cell phones), multiple
voicemail boxes, automated reminders (to get my kids to school on time every
morning).  I run it all on a $200 very low power everex gPC platform.  Also
serves as a VPN server for the home network.  Based on CentOS 5.


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