Installing Arch without over-writing /home

Jessie Morris jessie at
Fri Apr 24 15:11:27 MDT 2009

On Friday 24 April 2009 2:39:21 pm Alex Esplin wrote:
> Hey all,
> After an unpleasant experience with an Ubuntu upgrade yesterday I'm
> ready to switch back to something a little more user-configurable.
> This is on my work box, so as much as I like Gentoo, I'd rather not
> have to play the
> "build-everything-from-source-every-time-anything-is-upgraded" game,
> and a few people have suggested Arch, so Arch it is.
> My question is how to install it without having it stomp on my /home
> which is on its own partition.  I plan on backing up /home, but
> there's a _lot_ of my work on there that I'd be _very_ upset if it got
> lost.
> So what's the best plan?  Ignore /dev/sda3 for the installation and
> slip it in /etc/fstab after I'm done? Or is there a better way?
> Thanks,

In the setup you should be able to tell it to use that partition for /home, 
but not to format it. Double and triple check that format is set to "No" and 
you should be all good. 

Also, I've found some upgrades don't go super smooth on Ubuntu. Try a fresh 
install... ;)


Jessie Morris

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