Apple and CUPS

Hans Fugal hans at
Fri Apr 24 12:12:33 MDT 2009

Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> Now that Apple owns CUPS, I'll bet I don't have this problem in a year
> or two, but until then, here is my hangup...
> I can't get OSX machines to automatically detect a CUPS server and its
> printers.  It's running CentOS 4.2 with a pretty vanilla CUPS config.
> I've googled it and tried changing all of the settings that looked
> suspect, but in the end, it's not working.
> Any thoughts about where I should focus my efforts in a second round
> of trouble shooting?
> Thanks,
> Gabe
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Are linux boxes able to see them? IME CUPS discovery works beautifully
in its default state, but distros tend to screw it up in the name of
"security". FWIW my MacBook is able to see my cups servers just fine,
which are ubuntu and debian but not running the default config (they
couldn't even see eachother with the defaults).

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