Bulletproof router

Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) Scott.1Jones at ge.com
Fri Apr 24 10:29:54 MDT 2009

My router might be dying, but I am unsure. 

I have a WRTP54G router at home, with 2 phone ports. It's locked by
Vonage, with whom I have VOIP. 

Here's my dilemma: I believe the router is dying, but I hate to toss it
if it's just needing some TLC. I am hooked on VOIP, so I need something
that will provide my VOIP connection. Plus I can't just get a new number
as  the phone number with Vonage is for my business. I have to retain
the # or carry it over to something new. 

What would be a solid, reliable, doesn't-die-every-2-years device, in
the quality ballpark with a Cisco 675 modem/router? If I could find a
better device that I know will work and not give me trouble, I'd switch,
and I'd switch VOIP service, if I can find a better solution, at the
same cost or lower. I pay about $44 per month for my VOIP service, for a
business line.. Which includes 2 lines, one for voice, one for
data/fax/credit card terminal. 



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