getting mysql query browser to work

Kyle Waters unum at
Fri Apr 24 10:15:27 MDT 2009

Merrill Oveson wrote:
> I get the MySQL Error Number 2003
> Can't connect to MySQL server...
> Any ideas?

There are two likely problems.  The first has been mentioned. The second 
is that the dameon is not listening remotely.  You can check this by 

netstat -ltp

and seeing the mysql entry there.  If it says *:mysql then it's set to 
listen to everything.  If it says localhost:mysql than it's set to only 
listed no the localhost.  You'll need to change that in the mysql conf 
files.  Sorry, I mostly familiar with postgres.

As mentioned by others is could be a firewall issue.  Once you've ran 
netstat and varied that the dameon is listening for remote connections 
I'd run nmap and make sure your other computer can see that port, if not 
than look at your firewal rules.


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